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The Spirit of God took the apron in the dream because she would be taking mother. Helen was symbolized by a hand-made unique and beautiful apron. Of all the things God could have chosen to depict her, He chose something we wear when serving others. Yup, that was mom, always serving others! I was particularly saddened in the dream by this loss, and hoped to have this large tablecloth back someday. God showed me that the tablecloth symbolized our large family. I had poured my life into every member, building up the family, one stitch at a time. A massive project.

A massive investment. Until now, all 22 of us resided in Colorado making family dinners feasible.

Naturally Formed Snowballs Cover Beaches in Siberia

That large tablecloth was also being taken away geographically from me. A smaller one would have to suffice. In revisiting my dream journal for these posts, I found another entry about 6 weeks before mom passed. It simply said: I have been having reoccurring dreams of my mother dying. Looking back, this was obvious… a dying mother in a dream, and your mother-in-law is 96?

In this case, it should be obvious. God wanted to prepare me. This dream impacted me more than the others. I found myself in an old fashioned dollar store like an old Ben Franklin Store. As I wondered around, I noticed a three live snowball blossoms in a bouquet see the image to the left.

I fancied these and as I moved closer to them to put them in my cart, one dropped to the ground like fruit falling from a tree. Immediately, I had no more interest in them and headed to the greeting card department to pick out a couple of cards of some sort. For 8 years, it marked her apartment door. So snowball flowers carry a personal meaning for us. They speak of Helen. In the dream, the bouquet of three symbolized the three of us— Frank, me, and Helen. We had a very close relationship and saw or spoke to her many times weekly. Notice that the snowballs in the dream were alive, but one dropped off the bouquet and fell to the floor.

The one falling to the ground prophesied her death.


I had negative feelings in the dream of the two-some without that third flower, just as I did in real life after her sudden passing. Also, I was saddened by the loss of the flower, that I could no longer have that 3-flower bouquet. It was clear to me, then, that God was saying through the dream that He was going to call her home soon.

What does soon mean? The dream came to me just 5 days before Helen died, FYI. One— her mother left her as a youngster and her father was killed at a young age, so she was raised by relatives… one more mouth to feed during the depression.

And two— the rest of her life was shaped by that childhood as she saved everything she ever acquired. After she passed, we gave away hundreds of items to fellow seniors in the building, who gladly sorted through the clothes and goods. You could say that we temporarily made the activity room into a thrift store, but free!

The scene actually represented well the things about her… her clothes, her decorations, kitchen items — not worth much and soon up for sale, so to speak. And why would the Lord want us to know such a thing— that a loved-one will be dying? And in what circumstances? First of all, God tells great secrets to those who are able to handle that level of truth … that is, if God knows that this person will be able to come to understanding the message of the dream as well as manage the information appropriately.

This must be a mature believer. Secondly, perhaps the dreamer of of dream prophesying the death of someone needs to take some kind of action such as being especially kind or making sure affairs are in order. I have experienced dreams more than once which helped me prepare for the death of loved ones. A last reason for a dream prophesying the death of someone — believe it or not — is to bring comfort.

This generally takes place when the dream is noted, but not understood, by the dreamer… until after the person has passed. Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Not your original work? Add source.

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