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That phenomenon continues to have catastrophic consequences in the name of incel communities which, comprised of primarily men, strategize how to trick or even force their way into the bed of someone they believe owes them sex. They get violent, they get twisted and they want to get even , turned into ticking pipe bombs by toxic masculinity and the devolving of sex into a form of currency. But I also know that incel culture once had poisonous roots in Isla Vista.

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Nice Guys, kindly get over yourselves and start being real nice guys, or girls, or whatever you want to be. There is no first place, there is no last, there are no trophies and there are no medals. There is only how we treat each other. Jordan Curiel really wants to know when being nice became synonymous with trying to get laid.

Jordan Curiel is an Opinion and Nexustentialism staff writer. She is a dance major, a proud Libra and the most uncoordinated human being who has ever graced this earth. I can also see how these views excuse women for bad behavior and the funny thing is….. It takes two and this article is a bit one sided.

Saturday , September 28 , He adopts optimism and tries to accomplish the tasks in a honest way. These nice guys finishes the work last which the result of their quest of perfection. Though the work may be perfect it lags with respect to time. Anyways in the longer run these guys may be benefited and yields to fruitful results. But at the same time it must be remembered that time end tide waits for none.

Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

Summing up in simple terms it can be concluded that these nice must perform the work in smarter way rather than in perfect way. It may also define the nature of the person. It may also say about attitude or behaviour of person towards others. Coming to finishing last it may be like this "the nice person is known for longer time i. Be it a nice guy in studies, nice in nature, nice in thinking. Nice can be termed as Noble, Innovative, Challenging and Eclectic.

So if a guy is noble definitely he is not going to find out wrong ways of doing things which now a days most of the people do.

Nice Guys

If he is innovative and likes challenges then he will try to do things in a different way. And being Selective and meticulous about his work, definitely will take more time than others but the result will be definitely be Epitome of that field. I am quite against the motion because nice guys does not mean that he does things very slowly with perfection rather it means that he is nice as he is smart, he know the approach to be followed. So I would say it does not matter to finish last or first for a nice guy rather matter is how perfectionaly he does complete for a given duration.

It is a positive sign of a person. This means that the person thinks positive about others. The psychology can react in different ways. In another way, no body can last because life has no finish until death.

1. Nice guys don’t finish last, bad guys posing as nice guys do

The person loose one way win in another that may not be visible. So, we cannot firmly say this statement because there exist both the sides. Well a descent guy always has a great possibility to be 1. There can be very few instances where he is last. But there can be an apprised reason for being last. Some times it can happen because he strives for perfection or overlooks d syllabus or can look in to matters in a pedantic way, which makes him last.

I conclude agreeing to a statement that A descent guy can finish last. But not A descent guy will finish last. They just looking for the perfection and uniqueness, so it is viewed different to others because many of them are trying the same thing which is previously done. But if I have to consider a decent enough guy then its really not necessary that he will finish last because I have seen many people who finish 1st because as said by some person above 1st impression is the last impression then obviously when a decent guy comes in front of someone then his 1st impression is counted which is very good and then he finishes 1st.

Then there might be some cases where even a decent guy with a good 1st impression finishes last because he spends lots of time in perfection.

Nice Guys Don't Finish Last. Get Over It. | The Daily Nexus

They always tries to do take the advantages of leading but with perfection. Going first doesn't assure the leadership that's why they some time wait for right time and perfection to come. We all know that first impression is the best impression. If a nice boy loose the first chance then that impression goes to the one who begins first. For example take a elocution competition if a nice boy wants to finish first otherwise his topic may be told by other person.

In the mean while he grap or extract some points based on that. If not possible he will conclude the discussion. But actually if they are quite familiar with topic they will start at 3rd or 4th position out 7 peoples. Their aim is to complete work properly instead of completing it earlier then others. If the point is fresh and different from others means then automatically it gets its value So he can put up nice points which is different from others It's not been that Nice guys always finish at last..

A guy may have been taking too much time for it to be perfect Or he might have been just too lazy to finish soon enough And i have a doubt Why is it "guys"? Why not "people"? There are many cases. Some go last when they want to be peculiar.. When a thing is done last it means it is done late. Nice guys not only lazy they have some overconfidence that they can finish their work at the last time itself. Because they are think about the uniqueness and different style so nice guys finish the work in last minutes.

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But everybody things they are looking good, so they have done their work earlier. The real fact is not. They are very very lazy. Being nice only can not lead to fruitful results;a person has to be decisive and learn to say no when the situation arises.

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Actually these nice guys will have an idea and want to be different approach with perfectness which wont be similar to other, so some of the guys take views and experiences from previously done guys. Actually these nice guys will have an idea and want to be different approach with perfectness which wont be similar to other,so some of the guys take views and experiences from previously done guys.

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Nice Guys Finish Last

Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers. Ajju said: Mar 18, Nice guys finish his work on measurable duration with perfection. Naveena D said: Jan 13, Good Evening Friends, Obviously, Nice guys finish last. Kusuma Reddy said: Aug 22, Hai friends. Dhananjay said: Jul 25, Hi everyone. Naveena D said: May 2, Good Morning Friends, According to me, Nice guys finish last. Sai Raj said: Apr 21, Compare with others nice guys usually taking some extra time to finish their works. Megha Malhotra said: Mar 5, Hello everyone. Krishna Vivek said: Oct 3, Uttara said: Aug 23, Nice guys are humble to let others speak first.

Kavya said: Feb 27, In my point of view finishing the work perfectly matters a lot. Prajwal said: Jan 6, Hello, Today's generation is very smart in taking decisions and also has very high potential, confidence, self-belief, try to go fast to reach to the top of the world. Prajakta Dhone said: Jan 6, There's nothing like to finish first or last, a good, hardworking, loyal and dedicated person will always try to do his best.

Ahmed said: Sep 21, Nice people never finish last. Nitin said: Jul 23, Hello, friends. Dipul said: Apr 22, Recall the story of tortoise and rabbit. Neeraj said: Mar 29, Hello all, Neeraj. Bobby said: Mar 7, I'm not preferring that "nice guy finish last", first of all we have to know what is the meaning of nice in here.

New research into agreeableness and financial success yields some surprises.

Raj said: Feb 15, If I have to consider a nice enough guy then it's really not necessary that he will finish last because I have seen many people who finish 1st because as said by some person above 1st impression is the last impression then obviously when a nice guy comes in front of someone then his 1st impression is counted which is very good and then he finishes 1st. Shashank said: Jan 27, Krishna said: Sep 15, Arnab Bhowmick said: Aug 24, Vishwa said: Jul 31, Hi friends.

Snehil said: Jul 24, Kali said: Dec 3, When nice guy finishing in last minute it is OK, he is doing thing in first time itself, there will be less chance to make error, but some people doing thing very fast without meaning full result, its no use. Hemant said: Aug 1, Actually nice guys do their work with proper planning and thinking. Rimjhimbothra said: Jul 29, Nice guy always think before doing any act.