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While not a perfect system, watching the distribution of ratings across a large population can tell you a lot not only about how the team is performing as a whole, but how your managers are performing in assessing their talent. Another useful approach, that can be a very controversial topic, is called force ranking. It helps to give perspective in terms of who is their best talent, what their challenges are, and how and why they are that way.

Not everybody likes the approach, but it can be an invaluable tool as a leader to challenge your managers to dig deep into the performance of their people. Ideally, you want to reward your best performers in a big way. We all got the same.

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Over time, the best people leave, and you spiral downward until you are left with your lowest performers—who are getting compensated higher than they should be. To make your organization as strong as possible, you want the best of the best.

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To keep them happy and attract more top performers, you need to reward them and make them feel great. Unfortunately, this often has to be done at the expense of others who are not star performers.

One of the other ways I assess performance is through talent reviews. I use a nine-block grid to plot people in terms of both performance and potential.


They are people who are looking to be the successor to other leaders in the company. Low performers without much potential are the ones you need to talk about. Then there are individuals who are question marks — there may be the unusual situation of a top performer with low potential — this is rare, and usually is a technical expert at the end of their career who is really good at what they do but is not going to do anything else.

You need to figure out who will come up behind them.

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There could also be a low performer with high potential. You see something special in them, but the performance is not yet keeping up. This employee deserves more coaching to get the best out of them. Once you plot your team and see how they look as a whole, you can determine how to provide your stars with more opportunities, how to get the most out of your large block of good employees, and how to deal with those without enough potential to improve to the level necessary.

However, we may find information that will help, and the wise teacher can take advantage of this work. Some of these studies promote extrinsic motivation. Nothing tasted better to me than the pretzel rod I chose each week from her cache of toys and snacks! But I teach 12 th graders, and believe me, I cannot afford any reward that might motivate them!

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Other studies say motivation must be intrinsic, and of course, intrinsic motivation will benefit students the most and have a greater, long-term effect. These studies on student motivation overlap at many points and seem to concentrate in four major areas: Goals, Interest in the subject, Self-efficacy, and Social-Relational reasons. Setting academic goals motivates some students to press forward through the difficulties.

What really interests the student is what they see as relevant to what they want in life.

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Having a goal to help during those difficult and stressful periods will give direction and a security that will enable a student to generate the intrinsic motivation to succeed at the task. One of the greatest generators of intrinsic motivation in students is interest in the work itself. Some might think that interest comes only from the natural bents or inclinations of the students themselves, but many students do not know what their interests are until they have had a chance to explore the diversity of the universe.

The responsibility of the teacher, then, is to do everything possible to make her content specialty interesting to the students she is responsible for. Everyone likes variety, and most of us would be more interested in a class with a wide variety of activities than we would in a lecture-only course, no matter how great a communicator was speaking.

If we teachers do all we can to make our content interesting and the activities varied, we can enable our students to become more motivated. Some students are unmotivated to learn because of learned failure.

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I hate all that chemistry stuff. Therefore, the teacher has the opportunity to gradually recondition these students by allowing them to attain success. Success means offering a variety of evaluation and assessment opportunities which utilize the full range of learning styles and abilities. Success on a smaller scale with increasing levels of difficulties allows the students to measure their own learning incrementally and provides feelings of accomplishment. Study after study emphasizes the importance of family and peer relationships in the motivation of student achievement, but most of those relationships are beyond our control.

The relationship we can focus on is the relationship between a caring teacher and our struggling students. Caring teachers have an incremental view of learning: they not only believe that all students can learn but also communicate this expectation to students.

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They demonstrate an interest in their students as people and not just as members of their class. Students sense that they mean more to the teacher than the grade they earn or the behaviors they demonstrate. Students feel a connectedness to the teacher that transcends the classroom and the material to be learned.

I suppose one might do a study and measure results, but who really doubts that love motivates? How God must grieve to see people striving with the finest intentions to understand the mysteries of human motivations and learning.