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Hand to each member of the group their country's description. Each group will elect or choose students to perform each of the following jobs:. Each group will cooperatively read the packet and answer the guiding questions. After answering the guiding questions each group will develop a battle plan and conditions for winning. The two Generals will present their country's battle plan to the class as a whole. It is useful to project the map onto a smartboard, dry erase board or overhead to show troop movements.

Make sure to emphasize that the second general to present cannot change his or her strategy after the first general presents.

Lesson Plan: Political and Social Origins of the Civil War

Ask students to share what they think is each country's chance at winning. Now, come back to the original question posed in the introduction: on what continent do the students believe Tangmania and Gagoola are located? Tell students the answer is North America! Ask students to look back at the country vital statistics and map to predict which country represents the South and North.

Lesson 1: Factory vs. Plantation in the North and South

Answer: Tangmania is the North and Gagoola is the South. Ask students to compare the strategies they just came up with to the strategies of the real military commanders of the Civil War. The outline of the troop movement made the shape of a snake. North vs.


South - To help students recognize the significance of The Civil War through the use of primary sources. Reconstruction - The three phases of Reconstruction and the measure of their success.

Review of the Civil War - A brief review of figures and ideas leading up to, during and at the close of the American Civil War. The Cost of War - Students study a chart showing Civil War deaths and answer questions about the information. A work sheet is included. The Civil War - The reasons that contributed to the start of the Civil War can be seen as a result of a build-up of tension rather than a single event.

The Civil War - The following lesson plan for an upper elementary unit on the Civil War contains links to other Internet sites that can provide valuable cross-curricular materials for you and your students. The Complexities of Reconstruction - The students will be able to critically analyze the social, economic, and political impact of the Federalization of the South. The South Wins Gettysburg! The Union Breaks Apart - In the 's, new national leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln, began to speak out against slavery. United We Stand - Students participate in a simulation of the secession of the South during the Civil War and create a compare and contrast essay discussing the similarities and differences between every day life now and then.

Of the top 25 cities by population in , only three were located in the South: Louisville ranked 12, with a population of 68, , Charleston 22, population 40, and Richmond 25, population 37, Have students compare the following views of Richmond and New York City, two important urban areas. Richmond was the third largest city in the South; it became the capital of the Confederacy.

Lesson Plan Writing Using the Traditional Format (Detailed Lesson Plan)

New York was the largest city in the North. What differences between the North and South do these photographs reflect? Which city would be more effective in contributing to a war effort? Richmond, Virginia Note: The growth of the railroads in the mids led to Richmond becoming a commercial and industrial center. Richmond was also one of the most important slave markets in the United States. To culminate this lesson, ask students to demonstrate their knowledge of daily life before the Civil War, with an emphasis on differences between the North and South. Students with sufficient access to technology can search for additional documents in the EDSITEment approved resources listed below.

Here are some examples of activities that students may wish to undertake to express what they have learned through this lesson specific project ideas should always be pre-approved by the teacher :. Skip to main content. Lesson Plan. Photo caption. Library of Congress.

Discuss how these differences contributed to serious disagreements between the North and South. Lesson Plan Details Background. Important Enough to Fight About By , the differences between the North and South had become so great that Northerners and Southerners felt as if they belonged to two different countries. Activity 1. People and Places in the North and South To set up the idea of a conflict that would cause even friends and relatives to disagree and fight with each other, encourage discussion of the following: Can anyone in the class describe an incident they witnessed or heard as an example of how any of the following potential conflicts can lead to a serious disagreement?

What one person was doing prevented someone else from doing what he or she needed to do. One person was so different from another that neither could understand the other or that their needs were conflicting.

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The Civil War

Someone was treating someone else very badly. People and Places in the North and South Conflicts arise from differences. If not, you can do the analysis on one computer in class and discuss the results or you can print out search results such as the following: Search the population census for trades and professions such as Machinist, or Doctor. Search the population census for a particular family name, such as Clark.

Note: Begin search terms with capital letters. Search the slave owner census for anyone with more than 25 slaves, for example. Activity 2. Different Needs Differences in urbanization and industrialization led to conflicting needs for the North and South. Fourth of July, , from American Memory. Richmond, Va.